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Admin context

Admin context is in use everywhere in the admin panel. It implements following interface

type IAdminContext interface {    SetSiteName(siteName string)    SetCurrentURL(currentURL string)    SetFullURL(fullURL *url.URL)    SetRootAdminURL(rootAdminURL string)    SetSessionKey(sessionKey string)    SetRootURL(rootURL string)    SetLanguage(language *Language)    SetLogo(logo string)    SetFavIcon(favicon string)    SetLanguages(langs []Language)    SetPageTitle(pageTitle string)    SetUser(user string)    SetUserExists(userExists bool)    SetDemo()    SetError(err string)    SetErrorExists()    GetLanguage() *Language    GetRootURL() string    SetUserPermissionRegistry(permRegistry *UserPermRegistry)    SetForm(form IForm)    SetCurrentQuery(currentQuery string)    SetBreadCrumbs(breadcrumbs *AdminBreadCrumbsRegistry)    GetSessionKey() string    SetID(ID uint)    GetID() uint    SetUserObject(u *User)    GetUserObject() *User    SetPostForm(formD *multipart.Form)    GetPostForm() *multipart.Form    GetCtx() *gin.Context    SetCtx(ctx *gin.Context)}

Later on we will provide example how it could be customized for your specific administration use cases.