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Admin page inlines

Admin page inline is a way to show data related to the object on the model page.
This is a structure with following fields:

type AdminPageInline struct {    Ordering          int    GenerateModelI    func(m interface{}) (interface{}, interface{})    GetQueryset       func(afo IAdminFilterObjects, model interface{}, rp *AdminRequestParams) IAdminFilterObjects    Actions           *AdminModelActionRegistry    EmptyValueDisplay string    ExcludeFields     IFieldRegistry    FieldsToShow      IFieldRegistry    ShowAllFields     bool    Validators        *ValidatorRegistry    Classes           []string    Extra             int    MaxNum            int    MinNum            int    VerboseName       string    VerboseNamePlural string    ShowChangeLink    bool    Template          string    ContentType       *ContentType    Permission        CustomPermission    InlineType        InlineType    Prefix            string    ListDisplay       *ListDisplayRegistry `json:"-"`}

The easiest way to create new admin page inline for Gorm is:

abTestValueInline := core.NewAdminPageInline(    "AB Test Values",    // it could be be tabular or stacked inline.    core.TabularInline, func(m interface{}) (interface{}, interface{}) {        // here you return interface for one entity and for multiple        if m != nil {            mO := m.(*abtestmodel.ABTest)            return &abtestmodel.ABTestValue{ABTestID: mO.ID}, &[]*abtestmodel.ABTestValue{}        }        return &abtestmodel.ABTestValue{}, &[]*abtestmodel.ABTestValue{}    }, func(afo core.IAdminFilterObjects, model interface{}, rp *core.AdminRequestParams) core.IAdminFilterObjects {        // here you load data for your inline        abTest := model.(*abtestmodel.ABTest)        var db *core.UadminDatabase        if afo == nil {            db = core.NewUadminDatabase()        } else {            db = afo.(*core.GormAdminFilterObjects).UadminDatabase        }        return &core.GormAdminFilterObjects{            GormQuerySet:   core.NewGormPersistenceStorage(db.Db.Model(&abtestmodel.ABTestValue{}).Where(&abtestmodel.ABTestValue{ABTestID: abTest.ID})),            Model:          &abtestmodel.ABTestValue{},            UadminDatabase: db,            GenerateModelI: func() (interface{}, interface{}) {                return &abtestmodel.ABTestValue{}, &[]*abtestmodel.ABTestValue{}            },        }    },)abTestValueInline.VerboseName = "AB Test Value"// add custom fields to abTestValue inlineabTestValueInline.ListDisplay.AddField(&core.ListDisplay{    DisplayName: "Click through rate",    MethodName:  "ClickThroughRate",})abTestValueInline.ListDisplay.AddField(&core.ListDisplay{    DisplayName: "Preview",    MethodName:  "PreviewFormList",})abtestmodelAdminPage.InlineRegistry.Add(abTestValueInline)err = abTestAdminPage.SubPages.AddAdminPage(abtestmodelAdminPage)