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Admin page

Admin page is a structure with following fields:

type AdminPage struct {    Model                              interface{}                                               `json:"-"`    GenerateModelI                     func() (interface{}, interface{})                         `json:"-"`    GenerateForm                       func(modelI interface{}, ctx IAdminContext) *Form         `json:"-"`    GetQueryset                        func(*AdminPage, *AdminRequestParams) IAdminFilterObjects `json:"-"`    ModelActionsRegistry               *AdminModelActionRegistry                                 `json:"-"`    FilterOptions                      *FilterOptionsRegistry                                    `json:"-"`    ActionsSelectionCounter            bool                                                      `json:"-"`    BlueprintName                      string    EmptyValueDisplay                  string                   `json:"-"`    ExcludeFields                      IFieldRegistry           `json:"-"`    FieldsToShow                       IFieldRegistry           `json:"-"`    Form                               *Form                    `json:"-"`    ShowAllFields                      bool                     `json:"-"`    Validators                         *ValidatorRegistry       `json:"-"`    InlineRegistry                     *AdminPageInlineRegistry `json:"-"`    ListDisplay                        *ListDisplayRegistry     `json:"-"`    ListFilter                         *ListFilterRegistry      `json:"-"`    MaxShowAll                         int                      `json:"-"`    PreserveFilters                    bool                     `json:"-"`    SaveAndContinue                    bool                     `json:"-"`    SaveOnTop                          bool                     `json:"-"`    SearchFields                       *SearchFieldRegistry     `json:"-"`    ShowFullResultCount                bool                     `json:"-"`    ViewOnSite                         bool                     `json:"-"`    ListTemplate                       string                   `json:"-"`    AddTemplate                        string                   `json:"-"`    EditTemplate                       string                   `json:"-"`    DeleteConfirmationTemplate         string                   `json:"-"`    DeleteSelectedConfirmationTemplate string                   `json:"-"`    ObjectHistoryTemplate              string                   `json:"-"`    PopupResponseTemplate              string                   `json:"-"`    Paginator                          *Paginator               `json:"-"`    SubPages                           *AdminPageRegistry       `json:"-"`    Ordering                           int    PageName                           string    ModelName                          string    Slug                               string    ToolTip                            string    Icon                               string    ListHandler                        func(ctx *gin.Context)                                                 `json:"-"`    EditHandler                        func(ctx *gin.Context)                                                 `json:"-"`    AddHandler                         func(ctx *gin.Context)                                                 `json:"-"`    DeleteHandler                      func(ctx *gin.Context)                                                 `json:"-"`    Router                             *gin.Engine                                                            `json:"-"`    ParentPage                         *AdminPage                                                             `json:"-"`    SaveModel                          func(modelI interface{}, ID uint, afo IAdminFilterObjects) interface{} `json:"-"`    RegisteredHTTPHandlers             bool    NoPermissionToAddNew               bool    NoPermissionToEdit                 bool    PermissionName                     CustomPermission}

The easiest way to create new admin page for Gorm is:

abtestmodelAdminPage := core.NewGormAdminPage(    // parent admin page    abTestAdminPage,    // func to provide interfaces for single entity and for multiple entities, used to load/save data    func() (interface{}, interface{}) { return &abtestmodel.ABTest{}, &[]*abtestmodel.ABTest{} },    func(modelI interface{}, ctx core.IAdminContext) *core.Form {        fields := []string{"ContentType", "Type", "Name", "Field", "PrimaryKey", "Active", "Group", "StaticPath"}        form := core.NewFormFromModelFromGinContext(ctx, modelI, make([]string, 0), fields, true, "", true)        // here you can customize form for your model.        return form    },)err = abTestAdminPage.SubPages.AddAdminPage(abtestmodelAdminPage)

You may customize everything, for example, if you need customized http handlers, just specify for your admin page any of these:

ListHandler, EditHandler, AddHandler, DeleteHandler.

if you need customized SaveModel function, you may do that. For example, like here:

usermodelAdminPage.SaveModel = func(modelI interface{}, ID uint, afo core.IAdminFilterObjects) interface{} {    user := modelI.(*core.User)    if user.Salt == "" && user.Password != "" {        user.Salt = utils.RandStringRunes(core.CurrentConfig.D.Auth.SaltLength)    }    if ID != 0 {        userM := &core.User{}        afo.GetUadminDatabase().Db.First(userM, ID)        if userM.Password != user.Password && user.Password != "" {            // hashedPassword, err := utils2.HashPass(password, salt)            hashedPassword, _ := utils2.HashPass(user.Password, user.Salt)            user.IsPasswordUsable = true            user.Password = hashedPassword        }    } else {        if user.Password != "" {            // hashedPassword, err := utils2.HashPass(password, salt)            hashedPassword, _ := utils2.HashPass(user.Password, user.Salt)            user.Password = hashedPassword            user.IsPasswordUsable = true        }    }    afo.GetUadminDatabase().Db.Save(user)    return user}