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Contributing to Uadmin

Your contributions are more than welcome. Please read the following notes to know about the process.

Making Changes:#

Before pushing your changes, please make sure the tests and the linters pass:

  • make fmt
  • make lint
  • make test

Once ready push your changes to your Uadmin fork our CI will check your pull request.

We're much more likely to approve your changes if you:

  • Add tests for new functionality.
  • Write a good commit message, please see how to write below.
  • Maintain backward compatibility.

How To Submit Code#

We use's Pull Request feature to receive code contributions from external contributors. See for details on how to create a request.

Commit message format#

The subject line of your commit should be in the following format:

area: summary

area : Indicates the area of the Uadmin to which the change applies :

  • documentation
  • admin page inlines
  • etc

Feature request or bug report:#

Be sure to search for existing bugs before you create another one. Remember that contributions are always welcome!

Core contributors:#

  • Sergey Glazyrin (sergeyglazyrindev)