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Forms is the way to build your edit functionality in uadmin admin panel. Later it could be used for non admin too. But nowadays it's not usual to use multipart/form-data in the projects. It has following structure.

type Form struct {    // in use only when we build form, probably could be removed later    ExcludeFields       IFieldRegistry    // in use only when we build form, probably could be removed later    FieldsToShow        IFieldRegistry    FieldRegistry       IFieldRegistry    // in use only when we render form, probably could be removed later    GroupsOfTheFields   *GrouppedFieldsRegistry    // template name, if empty default would be used    TemplateName        string    // form title    FormTitle           string    // form renderer    Renderer            ITemplateRenderer    // request context    RequestContext      map[string]interface{}    // error message, maybe removed later    ErrorMessage        string    // could be used like below:    // form.ExtraStatic.ExtraJS = append(form.ExtraStatic.ExtraJS, "/static-inbuilt/uadmin/assets/highlight.js/highlight.pack.js")    // form.ExtraStatic.ExtraJS = append(form.ExtraStatic.ExtraJS, "/static-inbuilt/uadmin/assets/js/initialize.highlight.js")    // form.ExtraStatic.ExtraCSS = append(form.ExtraStatic.ExtraCSS, "/static-inbuilt/uadmin/assets/highlight.js/styles/default.css")    ExtraStatic         *StaticFiles `json:"-"`    // if it's true, all fields and its widgets would be rendered as for admin panel.    ForAdminPanel       bool    // form error, it contains all field errors, general errors    FormError           *FormError    DontGenerateFormTag bool    // used to render field names    Prefix              string    // render context    RenderContext       *FormRenderContext}

The easiest way to create form for Gorm models is to use function NewFormFromModelFromGinContext, like here:

fields := []string{"ContentType", "Type", "Name", "Field", "PrimaryKey", "Active", "Group", "StaticPath"}form := core.NewFormFromModelFromGinContext(ctx, modelI, make([]string, 0), fields, true, "", true)// ormodelForm := NewFormFromModel(model, []string{}, []string{}, false, "")